Live On Values


Live On is built around 5 core values that determine how we perform as a platform, and what we communicate to our community.

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These values are the pillars that motivate and inspire us at Live On to continue creating and communicating the importance of support, when going through difficult periods of bereavement.

Our 5 core values:

We believe in supporting your personal bereavement process

We believe in inclusivity

We believe in the value of community

We believe in providing appropriate support for your bereavement process

And finally we believe grieving has no time limit

Check out our About Us page for more information about our values

Having both lost a parent too soon we (the founders) experienced first hand the harshness and often loneliness that followed after the loss of a loved one. By talking, joining together and finding common ground, we began building Live On. This platform aims to opened up a conversation about bereavement with the support of tools and a community.

We understand that during difficult times arranging counselling sessions and health appointments can feel impossible, and so Live On is here to give you a voice. We are here so that you can start your journey in a way that makes you feel comfortable and at a pace that suits you.

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Anyone who visits the website, comments on posts or joins in on social media is welcome. Live On, however, does not tolerate discrimination of any type. We will continually support the lives and aspirations of those around us, including refugees, the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride. Any comments or activities that go against our values will be treated with the up most seriousness.

Need Support?

Visit our Helpful Websites page for links to helplines and other centres. There’s no shame in asking for help.


Need Support?


Helpful websites for you


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