Pandemic Vulnerability


Grieving the people we lost due to COVID reaches beyond our boarders and increases significantly as refugees and asylum seeks are housed in high risk contamination areas. Without sufficient aid these people face losing many of their family members and friends every day.

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The UK has is slowly returning to normal with some exceptions such as mandatory face masks and varying closing hours, making the pandemic an issue of the past. However, for countries with less access to health care and denser populations, the pandemic still affects the country’s everyday routines and resources, encouraging questions regarding the management and care of those in need.

Within our natural human instincts lies the urge to help others which has been displayed through voluntary isolation and face coverings when in public throughout the COVID crisis. This human instinct, unfortunately, has not surpassed our boarders as leadership organisations become prime suspects in breaching the international non-refoulment law. The non-refoulment law prevents any leading body from returning Refugees or Asylum seekers back to their home countries where persecution is possible. Simply put: The law ensures organisations do not send those in need of safety back to an area where their life could be in danger. The effects of the pandemic have brought out questions regarding the safety and quality of life Refugees and Asylum seekers have when in search of basic and safe living standards. This is due to cramped camps and significantly reduced aid centres becoming prime areas for mass virus contamination. What makes this non-refoulment suspicion worse is the glaring fact that most of the refugees are children and teenagers, many of whom lack access to any form of consistent food or aid.

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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Burkina Faso, a country to the north-west of Africa, 110 health facilities have been closed with over 180 reducing their capabilities due to the virus leaving 1.5 million people without basic health care. This reduction of care could result in mass tragedy as children and adults fail to receive adequate health care.

Though the pandemic has revealed just how fragile modern society is when experiencing a sweeping virus, COVID-19, however, does not erase anyone’s human rights. Leading global organisations need to address and improve the quality of refuge given to Asylum seekers and Refugees as a way of maintaining basic human rights, and as a precaution preventing any future pandemics that could change our world once again.

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For us outside of Refugee areas, never truly witnessing the Refugee settlement crisis in person, it is easy to forget or ignore the millions of people at risk of serious illness or death when faced with a global pandemic. However, we all share the desire to help others and to spread awareness with the aim of providing those in need the resources they require to survive. Though we cannot see or feel the fear and grief these people are experiencing due to a lack of aid, we understand that every person effected will mourn their loved ones and want to provide as much support and awareness to these high risk groups as possible. This is why we at Live On will continually speak up about such issues in alignment with our values as a grief organisation, and as people who want to do more to help others.

Live On is founded on 5 core values that focus on inclusivity, support, community, personal journeys and the freedom to process grief related emotions at a pace that suits you. Through these values we will continue to discuss and include different topics that effect our world today, and the grief that follows them.

Donate to UNICEF here to help provide aid to those in need.

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