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Mission Statement

Live On is an online community which provides a safe zone. Encouraging those experiencing bereavement to tell their story and build a reliable support system.


Who Are We?

Having both experienced bereavement first hand after losing a parent we, the founders of Live On, felt strongly about building an online platform for others wanting to tell their story and find support. Together we realised that this common ground and understanding between friends could also be present in a larger community of others experiencing bereavement. We feel that it is important to not only start a conversation about loss but also to be heard. Regardless of whether you want to talk about your personal experiences or just listen to others’ journeys, we are here to support and provide a safe zone for you during this difficult time.

Our Values:

We believe in supporting your personal bereavement process – We aim to understand and help you through your personal bereavement process.

We believe in inclusivity – We welcome and advocate for an inclusive community where everyone regardless of their of sex, gender identity, age, religion, ethnicity, disability, citizenship status or socio-economic background can feel safe and free to express themselves.

We believe in the value of community – We value community and encourage conversation to aid the bereavement process. 

We believe in providing appropriate support for your bereavement process – We aim to provide resources and tools to aid you throughout your bereavement journey.

And finally we believe grieving has no time limit – We understand there is no time limit for grieving and that it is a journey that everyone must face at a pace that suits them. 

About The Co-founders

We believe in our values and mission statement when creating tools and resources for Live On. Our approach focuses on responding and adapting to the needs of this community, empowering others to share their story and journey.

As the Live On community grows, we plan on collaborating with a range of different individuals, businesses and organisations with the aim of delivering a responsive and engaging platform.

Through consistent effort and planning, we want to give our community members the ability to feel confident in representing Live On and their journey in their daily lives.

We want our platform to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, through our social media accounts and activities elsewhere.

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Terms and Conditions

The Live On Community is a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating a supportive community for those experiencing loss and grief. We are not a replacement for health care, and are not professionally trained to provide beneficial health advice concerning mental and physical wellness.

Donations collected through our GoFundMe and fundraisers are used to financially secure the maintenance and functioning of the Live On Community website. Large donations are put towards funding the registration of Live On (liveoncommunity.com) as a UK government registered charity.

Read our full terms and conditions here.


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