The Mother’s of Still Born Children

This Mother’s Day we want to talk about the Mothers of still born children. We discuss how still born grief can develop and how the parents of the children can work through their loss.

Grieving for a stranger

Grieving for a stranger – The experience of one NHS healthcare professional through the pandemic. This blog is dedicated to all of the NHS staff who have lost their lives protecting us during this pandemic.

Remembering a loved one

When a loss is felt we often want the whole world to stop. As the years pass we can worry that we are forgetting ‘parts’ of a loved one, here are some ways you can overcome this feeling.

Grieving during the Covid-19 pandemic

Bereavement is often an extremely lonely and isolating time, and when you add that to the pandemic, it can feel worse because of the stress and anxiety that is felt worldwide. Read our new Grieving during a pandemic guide for advice and help.

COVID’s Collective Grief

Collective loss and anticipatory loss are both key factors in our lives due to the affects of COVID. For those experiencing loss during this time, it is important to recognise these forms of losses and to know what to do next.


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